Marketing Copy Samples

Good copy drives inquiries and bookings—but getting it done on time can be a challenge. Especially if your team is already maxed out.

Newsletters, email promotions, tour catalogs, trip itineraries, hotel descriptions, city guides…

I discover the needs of your copy before writing, then deliver publish-ready work the first time.

Email Marketing

Client: Wilderness Travel

Safaris for Every Traveler

  • Introduction and 14 tour descriptions
  • Focus is on specificity of tour highlights
  • Written in the client’s voice and style

View the complete newsletter here.

Web + Print Marketing

Client: Country Walkers

Tour descriptions 

  • Distill tours into a headline, overview, and highlights
  • Incorporate SEO keywords throughout
  • Describe tour experiences in terms of senses

Read my overview and highlights for this walking tour of Croatia

Daily activity itineraries 

  • Created from the details of a tour leader’s notes 
  • Activities expressed in detail for an online audience
  • Matched client’s style guide and voice

Read my daily activity details for this Cotswold walking tour

Hotel descriptions 

  • Independently researched the hotel
  • Matched highlights to the audience’s interests
  • Featured enticing details and descriptors

Read my detailed write up for Hotel Húsafell in Iceland

Catalogs & brochures 

  • Full tour description condensed into a 3-bullet itinerary
  • Selected highlights tailored to the audience’s main interests
  • Optimized for strict word and character counts 

See my compact itinerary 

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