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We transform your SME’s industry knowledge into written content that “talks tech” and keeps your potential buyers coming back (again and again) for solutions and inspiration.

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4 convincing reasons to have us write for you

When a regular writer can’t (or won’t) delve into the technical specifics, we’re there! We delight in the details that other writers avoid—and that passion shines in the final content.

1) Field-savvy engineers: We talk to technical experts on their level

2) Great interviews: Conversations stay casual, yet on-target

3) Skilled project managers: Our partnerships are well-coordinated

4) Writers with experience: Storytelling, strategy, SEO, and more

“Heather and Tim met every writing project with enthusiasm, curiosity, and professionalism. They created a number of different marketing materials for our organization, as well as more-technical product documentation for internal purposes. Most helpful of all, Heather and Tim interfaced directly with subject matter experts within our company to gain insights into the topics we asked them to write about.”

~Annie Gala, Director, Marketing & Communications, PowerFlex

Your company has a story to tell, so do we:

We’re a two-person writing team with years of engineering experience, and we’re as easy to work with as possible.

With us, you get professionals you can partner with.

Heather Sinclair is an industrial engineer and project manager who enjoys talking with people about what they do. Her #1 goal as a B2B writer is to make complex concepts simple. In addition to being cheerful and easy to work with, Heather naturally connects with SMEs on their level.

Heather’s LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/heatherannesinclair

Tim Hirtle is a writer, engineer, and project manager. He has written content for many technical and industrial clients. Tim enjoys turning industry information, research, and interviews into content that’s easy to read and understand.


Tim’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timhirtle/

How we work with you

Step 1. It starts with an efficient chat with you to identify if we’re a fit.

Step 2. After learning your goals and getting up to speed, we interview your SME to unchain their in-house knowledge.

Step 3: We write. The final step is feedback & edits to get your content just right.

Are you old school? Here’s our Standard Operating Procedure

(a.k.a. our typical process)

FAQs about our content writing

What comes next?

  1. Contact us, tell us about your business and what you’re looking for
  2. Get a reply in 48 hours (likely less), with a few questions about your business and what we can do for you
  3. If it’s green lights all the way, we can arrange a call, discuss a paid sample, or send you a proposal (complete with schedule and quote!)

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“We would recommend Action Copywriting for your corporate content needs without hesitation. Their strong technical background made it easy for them to pick up complex concepts specific to our industry. The team was extremely professional, quick, and communicative throughout the process. We will be choosing to work with the team for future content needs. I cannot recommend them enough! ”

~Sheena Sandhu, VP Marketing, OneBridge