We translate complex technical ideas into written content including articles, blogs, white papers, and case studies 

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Have industry expertise that you’d like put into words

Looking for critically minded writers with a technical background?

If so…stop the presses!

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We’re a fit.

What’s different about Action Copywriting

We speak your language.

You’ve got a technical business, we’ve got an engineering background. Complex topics are no match for our inquisitive minds.

You get freethinkers, not just writers.

We don’t just regurgitate facts onto a page – we find insight into what they mean for your industry (and your customers).

We’re committed to what’s important.

Understanding your product or process is one thing, understanding your company culture is another. We do both.

You’ve got a technical side, so do we:

We’re a two-person writing team with years of engineering experience. We take pride in our freelance work.

Our creative process is like any other professional writer’s. But nerdy technical topics make our little engineering hearts sing—which is why we focus on the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

With us, you get big-picture thinkers who can create insightful and engaging content.

Heather Sinclair is a B2B writer, engineer, and project manager with experience in manufacturing and the energy industry. She loves diagrams, schematics, and graphs, and uses her writing to explain them in a way that anyone can understand.

Tim Hirtle is an industrial-trades writer. His background is in heavy construction, engineering, and project management. He enjoys hearing from industry experts to discover what’s unfolding in their slice of the world.

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