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The Big Future of Micropile Technology

Written for general contractors, who are not often aware that their specialty subcontractors can install high-capacity foundations in tight surroundings.

For LinkedIn

    • Engages readers with a problem-solving hook
    • Uses the insights of a SME (subject matter expert)
    • Shows how the target audience benefits

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Valves – Know the Basics of These Hidden Heroes

Written for a non-technical buyer, to help them feel at ease when seeking the appropriate solution from a valve supplier.

For a general valve supplier

  • Specialized topic made relevant to amateurs
  • Basic list-post intended as a quick read
  • Combines SME knowledge and research

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Getting to Know the Food & Feed Regulations that Impact Insect Ag in the United States

Written for the members of an industry association, to simplify the federal regulations governing their businesses.

For the North American Coalition of Insect Agriculture

  • Clarifies NACIA’s stance on the regulations
  • Targeted to entry-level association members
  • Positions NACIA as an authority for regulators

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Embracing the “Bare” Essentials in Mexico

Written for a print magazine, to educate and encourage their readers about living, investing, and retiring overseas.

For International Living Magazine

  • Based on our interview with a business owner
  • Uses storytelling structure to hold interest
  • Tailored to the editor’s style and guidelines

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