“What? A process? Isn’t copywriting about being creative and flexible?”

Okay, fair question. Here’s why I follow a process:

When you follow a process, things get done right.

(And I’m an engineer. So…yeah.) 

We both know following a process makes work efficient, gets things done, and keeps projects on schedule.

Basically, setting expectations up front means you get what you want, when you want it.

This is how the magic happens:

First Contact

So you’ve discovered my website whether by referral or search. Lucky you!

You need some copy and you like my style? Swing on over to the contact page and submit the form. I’m already looking forward to getting to know you.

Speedy Reply

I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with a few questions that help me figure out how my skills can best help you, and if we’re a good fit. Send your responses back and I’ll review them. You’re ready and I’m ready. Let’s make things happen.

We Chat

Next we get specific about what you need whether with a short, introductory call free of charge (typically over Skype) or via email.

We’ll talk about some serious stuff – your business, copy specifics, estimated budget, and schedule. I’m also excited to learn about you, and how your travel company is changing lives for the better. And you can ask me any questions – seriously. I want you to feel good about working with me.

Proposal + Quote

Now I have a clear idea what you need – it’s time to get down to business.

I’ll send you an electronic project proposal including:

  • Itemized list of the deliverables you’ll receive
  • Summary of the goals we discussed
  • Project timeline (including milestones and check-ins)
  • Expectations of us – and of you – for this project to succeed
  • My earliest available start date
  • The project quote
  • Terms & Conditions

Review the proposal, and if everything looks good, sign it electronically and I send you an invoice for a 50% deposit. You’ve just made my day!

The 50% deposit ensures I’m committed to you, and don’t take on additional work that could compete with your project.

Company Specifics

Before I start writing I get my brain wrapped about your company’s communication style. 

Send me your brand voice guidelines and/or your style guide and I’ll write copy that fits seamlessly with your current materials – or conveys your fresh, new voice!


At this point – depending on the size and complexity of the project – I may prepare a creative brief. This important document gets specific about the copy I’m going to write for you. Approve the creative brief, send it back.

Then the exciting part – writing your copy! I’ll send you a publish-ready draft by – and often before – the date in the project proposal.

Review the copy. Thanks to our work up front, I expect you’ll be happy with this publish-ready draft. But, I’ll understand if you want revisions. Simply compile and send your edits back to me. I’ll revise and send the finished copy back to you.

My standard agreement includes for two rounds of revisions.


You have the copy you need, you’re happy, and our work together is nearly complete (almost makes me sad).

I’ll send an invoice for the remaining 50% of your project. Once you pay, the final copy belongs to you.


Take your copy and publish it, print it, send it, display it, worship it. 

Now you know how it works…

Let’s get started!

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