The invaluable +1 you’ve been waiting for.





Imagine having an extra writer you could bring in short-term, for when you’re busy and need to get things done.

Someone to update the copy on your marketing materials, add words to your website, rewrite tour descriptions, or create fresh content.

Wow that all sounds great! But does this special person actually exist?

You betcha. That special person…is me!

“…professional, yet incredibly friendly and personable.”

~J. Lockhart, Verge Magazine

Hi there, nice to meet you!

My name is Heather Sinclair and I’m a travel & tourism copywriter – I write blogs, articles, web copy, brochures, catalogs, and emails for travel companies.

You work hard. Your team is capable. And sometimes you need a little extra support to get things done. As an experienced copywriter who’s tight with the travel industry, I’m glad to be the “extra” that can help out.

Professionals love to work with other professionals. I can tell we’re going to love working together.

Why I’m different

I like condensing broad ideas into clear, concise copy. It’s my pleasure to capture in words the emotion and senses that your guests feel when they travel.

I inject your copy with a sense of adventure.

Hey Heather, you’re just one of a billion copywriters out there. Why should I choose you?

Glad you asked. Here’s why:

  • I’m no generalist – I focus on what you do
  • I’ve written articles, emails, and websites for dozens of travel companies
  • I was a corporate Management Professional (PMP) for nearly a decade

Basically, you can count on me to write killer words, slay deadlines, and create publish-ready copy the first time around.

Contact Heather

“Heather was fantastic at adapting her writing to the needs and established voice of a client. She is adaptable, eager to learn from any editorial critique, and highly dependable.”

~Jessica McCormick, CopyPress

Are you in the travel or tourism business?

Then I want to hear from you.

You’re a busy professional and you’ve got words that need to get written. I’m the invaluable +1 you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s work together in just 3 steps:

  1. Send me an email.
  2. I’ll ask as few questions to nail exactly what you need up front.
  3. You’ll get a non-obligation proposal (complete with quote and timeline).